Apple CarPlay is an ingenious iPhone app that gives your iPhone hands-free capability and compatibility with your car's in-dash tech center. It works in cars by every major automobile manufacturer, and it's ridiculously easy to use.

Enjoy Your iPhone While Driving

Before CarPlay, you typically had to use your hands to access your phone's media, make calls, send texts, etc. CarPlay includes Siri with voice control. You can ask Siri to do anything on your iPhone or retrieve any info you require, and you never have to take your hands off of the steering wheel while driving in Lafayette.

What Can Siri Do?

Using Apple CarPlay with voice-controlled Siri on your iPhone, you can get directions, dictate and send texts, scroll playlists and review or amend your calendar. Even better, Apple CarPlay works with other apps that are Android-based or non-iOS, such as Google Maps or Amazon Music, so Siri can retrieve info from those apps as well. Test drive your newest favorite vehicle at Mike Raisor Lincoln today, and see how Apple CarPlay works in real time.


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