Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are becoming the new standard in vehicles. The technology allows for safer night driving preventing a tailgater from blinding the motorist.

These mirrors are made from an electrochromic glass with some unique abilities. The glass transforms from transparent to translucent and vice versa, allowing for differing amounts of light to pass through. In turn, glare from a trailing vehicle is minimized along with blind spots. As a brighter light is detected, the glass in the rearview mirror will darken preventing what is referred to as the "Troxler Effect." This phenomenon delays the driver's reaction by up to 1.4 seconds or 123 feet when traveling at 60 mph. The electrochromism process creates a charge in a layer of gel between the two panels of glass making up the mirror. The materials in this gel allow for the darkening effect when undergoing a charge.

Overall, auto-dimming rearview mirrors are increasing reaction time to allow for much safer night driving.



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