On muddy terrain, a tire's tread depth can impact handling in a dramatic way. Solid treads provide big benefits when a car rolls through the mud by projecting debris away from the tires. If you're going to explore off-road environments during a rainy season, a tire rotation is worth considering as it will help you protect every tread, and this will prevent handling problems.

In an off-road environment, a vehicle needs power and solid brakes. When a vehicle's tire treads aren't in peak condition, speed will suffer, and the process of cornering and stopping properly will be challenging. Treads usually wear away when they generate a lot of heat on rough terrains. This happens because friction isn't managed strategically on a tire. To protect treads, wear must build-up evenly on an entire wheel.

The treads on your tires can help you conquer paths in off-road environments. To preserve them, you'll have to rotate each tire regularly. In Lafayette, IN you can service every tire before an off-road adventure at Mike Raisor Lincoln.

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