The Technology on the Lincoln Nautilus Amazes

The concept of a crossover SUV alone proves impressive. The Lincoln Nautilus represents a luxury version, which may be more stunning to buyers. The designers of the Nautilus went to extra lengths to expand its capabilities. The expansiveness reveals itself in the technological enhancements.

The vehicle comes with an intriguing "co-pilot" system. Essentially, technological perks boost driver awareness through a blind spot information system that comes with a special cross-traffic alert. The technology here sends a signal when a vehicle ventures into a blind spot. A driver may avoid a collision thanks to the assistance the alert provides.

Adaptive cruise control takes things to another level thanks to an automatic braking and accelerating feature. The changes in the vehicle's speed allow it to match the flow of traffic. Of course, the tech also lets the vehicle maintain the driver's set speed.

At Mike Raisor Lincoln, we know you'll find the tech features on the Lincoln Nautilus impressive. We do want you to try the vehicle out on Lafayette, IN streets for the test drive experience.

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